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Correx Printing.

Correx printing has become extremely popular over the past few years with more and more businesses using this type of signage.
This is due to it being lightweight, water-resistant, resistant to strong impact and crack resistant, along with being fully recyclable. 
Printed Correx board is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business but never loses that ‘Stand Out’ factor as the highest quality UV Inks are used on all Signage purchased from Banners N Displays.
All standard sizes are available to order through the website, but we are able to create custom printed sizes up to 8ft by 4ft without any issue!
Just email us with your enquiry and we will quote you.
There are two thicknesses we can supply our Correx in; these are our standard 4mm and our sturdier 6mm which have all be Corona treated to allow the UV Inks to stick leaving a flawless finish.
We are also able to cut correx to shapes for an additional charge. Just pop us an email for a quote with a cut template!
Printed correx range of products such as, Correx Signs, Bollard Covers, and display products, one of these being our Printed Correx Dump Bins, which can be folded into shape or die cut. Great for Promotional Displays!
How is Correx made?
Correx starts as a liquid called Polypropylene, which is the main ingredient of Correx. The plastic is extruded, shaped then left to cool. During the production process, some additives may be added, giving the finished product additional properties.
What is Correx?
Correx, extruded, twin wall fluted polypropylene of the highest quality and were chemically inert with a neutral PH making it non-toxic, resistant to most oils, solvents and water. The substrate is Corona treated so can be screen printed or direct printed using UV stable inks. 
What are Correx uses?
As Correx is water resistant, it is ideal for outside as well as inside. 
Extensively used for printing outdoor signage, such as estate agency sign boards, converted to a wider range or reusable packaging and storage solutions.
it is highly resistant to impact contact and strong winds.
Correx has increasing become more popular for the use of pet cages and in hobbies such as aeroplane crafting.
Utilised for various personal purposes, not just professional use. Correx, increasingly used for wall displays, as the material and, if you go to a reputable printing company such 
At GJ Plastic, we primarily use Correx for signs, boards, and point of sale displays,  (magazine, brochure, newspaper) holders and dump bins.
The material makes usually expensive products into feasible, digital printing jobs making it more affordable for you without compromising quality and service. 

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