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Pavement Signs.

Pavement signs are a must for those of you who want to attract the passing trade when placed outside your premises or entrance to your carpark; Pavement signs are the first contact between you are your potential customers. By placing your posters of your special offers and promotions into our pavement signs you give a clean, neat and professional image to your clients or customers. Sandwich boards are the perfect opportunity for you to tell your potential customers what is going on in your premises before they enter.

A good pavement sign board can attract the passer by without you having to drag them in off the street. You can also move the sandwich board to 'hotspot' areas allowing you to target a particular field.

We have an extensive portfolio of pavement signs to choose.

The most common types are A Boards, we also sell swinging signs, Chalkboard and Ecoflex Pavement signage.

Gaining passing trade is a vital part of marketing plan or strategy. Ensuring that any potential customers or clients firstly know that you are there and secondly know about your products and services are crucial to building your sales and ultimately making you some money.

Getting the message across to your customers and clients means the need for signage.

Having signs in and outside of your store or premises makes it a lot easier for your customers to find you and makes them more likely to purchase something that you are offering.

One of the best strategies to use outside your business is the use of pavement signs, A boards or sandwich boards. Big, bright and often colourful, pavement signs are ideal for front of the store to ensure passerby and motorists get your message.

You can use them to promote your opening and closing times, special offers or even just to denote that your premises open.

Place out when you are having a sale and you are almost guaranteed to attract extra custom.

Make sure they are prominently located and clearly indicate where your business is located.

Once the customer has been ‘attracted’ by the pavement sign, it is vital that your signage outside and inside your premise offer the same clear theme.

Clear signage on the outside of your store indicates that you are professional and take care of the appearance of your premises.

Signage within your store can direct people to your store which will maximize the opportunity for them to buy.

A clear signage theme will help to augment the pavement markings ensuring that your customers have the correct and proper shopping experience. It does not matter what type of business you are; pavement signage can help promote your store or campaign and increase the chance of making a sale.

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